Insurance Validations

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A market leading model

Our front end product offering allows for a surveying and validation model that is currently market leading. With our truly independent claims validation model we can provide any clients with a triage of fulfilment options on all validated claims that can be managed from within their existing supply chain or through their customers preferred choices. Our onsite validation products can also allow for instantaneous claims valuation to provide cash settlement and own contractor options to be approved at time of survey, minimising any claim delays.

Professional surveyors are backed up by our technical support staff at our Head Office who are highly experienced and trained to provide support to both our staff and our clients. All our surveyors are supported by our claims handlers within our offices to allow full control of daily appointments to suit all customer needs. Our vast experience of meeting these customer and client needs means we are constantly exceeding our contractual SLA’s with our insurer clients and with this drastically reducing the claim lifecycle and indemnity spend.

The time served surveyors we employ are trained to provide drying assessments and scoping at initial survey stage to allow immediate commencement of restoration services to minimise the overall claim lifecycle and spend. It is proven that early commencement of restoration can drastically reduce the indemnity spend for insurers and provide a much smoother and quicker claim journey for customers.

Allowing full control

With our latest technology we can accurately scope and cost these works to allow full control at the earliest possible stage.

Using a market leading telescopic roof and property validation product is providing giant steps forward in claim validation services with appropriate savings. We are able to produce complete close up pictorial evidence of property damage and at the same time produce high level overall pictures to instantly apportion the area of damage to the location within the property. This technology allows a surveyor to complete the survey from ground level utilising the latest equipment that W and R Fraser surveyors carry.

In addition, our surveyors are all trained and experienced to offer our clients auditing services to allow pre and post completion site checks. These can be made to establish correct interpretation of our initial scopes or if procured independently, can give clients factual information on the quality of their existing supply chain.

All our validation and auditing products are completely independent of each other but can consist of any of the following

  • Survey Only
  • Survey and On-site Validation
  • Validation of third party scope
  • Desktop Validation
  • Telescopic Roof Inspection and Reports

  • Third Party Property Damage Claims
  • Benchmarking
  • Workmanship and Quality Audits
  • Complaint and Dispute Resolution
  • Completion Audits
  • Disaster and Restoration Reports and Surveys
  • Moisture Management
  • Supply Chain Analysis